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param.h File Reference

Detailed Description

M68HC12/MC9S12 board parameter #defines.

Created: 2004/03/21, Modified: Inspired by the file gel-hc1x-1.6/include/asm-m68hc12/param.h from the GEL GEL project, by Stephane Carrez.

Definition in file param.h.

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#define CPU_CLOCK   (2000000L)
 MCU Clock freq. in Hz.

#define SRAM_SIZE   8192 /* Don't forget to budget for compiler vars. */

Define Documentation

#define CPU_CLOCK   (2000000L)

MCU Clock freq. in Hz.

Definition at line 12 of file param.h.

Referenced by sci0_init().

#define SRAM_SIZE   8192 /* Don't forget to budget for compiler vars. */

Definition at line 14 of file param.h.

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